About John

John Mohar is an American photographer who sees the world as a unique canvas of visual opportunities. Opportunities, some people may take for granted. John has made it his task to capture those opportunities and present them as captured observations with his unique style for the world to enjoy.

A Portrait, Landscape, Fashion, and Action Photographer living on "Front Porch" of the Texas Hill Country. John's Base (his studio) is located in the heart of San Antonio Texas.

John is published and a international award winning story teller. He works to create extraordinary photographs with just a few cameras, lenses, lights, and decades of experience.

"Photography is constantly changing and the technology never becomes dull. After all these years as a photographer, it continues to fascinate me. 
I look forward to each project as a way to apply the latest and greatest to your needs. I love meeting new people and traveling to new places."

There are a lot of great photographers and I've been fortunate to have been taught by some of the best:
Adam Schallau - Landscapes
Joel Grimes - Portraits
Peter Hurley - Headshots
Tim Cadena - Fine Art
Oscar McAnally - Boudoir
Siggi Ragnar - Business & Equipment

This is my fathers fault.


John's look when the discussion turns to Photography.

John's look when the discussion turns to Photography.